Welcome to the Divine Gemz culture, bringing a little piece of Heaven to Earth.

 Hi, my name is Rowena, and here is a little bit of informtion on how we started. Divine Gemz was created during a very sad time in my life when I lost my sister Vicki  to cancer. One thing Vicki would always say to me is “You are not using your creativity enough”! 

Vivki loved candles. My other sister Sharlene and I decided to get a candle making kit and make some candles in her memory for ourselves. Everyone that saw our candles loved them, always asking if they were available for purchase. At that stage we said no, but than after doing alot of testing, learning and burning and thinking it  lead to us creating May-Jane Candles which was more of a hobby than a business. 

Not long after my sister Sharlene decided she couldn’t do it anymore with her other job. You will still see her around at a few of my pop-up stores , our mum too!

Than it became just me and so Divine Gemz was born in July 2015, which now enabled me to continue and grow with more than just our lovely unique candles to all kinds of lovely pretties to express my creativity.

We hand make and hand pour all of our products using locally sourced ingredients in Australia.

We have a large  lovely range of products that will bring delightful intoxicating aroma’s into your life and home. 

Divine Gemz started out doing local Markets and now does pop up shops in centres around our region.

We are very excited to be starting our Online Store this year in May 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.

Our heart’s desire at Divine Gemz is to bring a little piece of heavenly delight to your home whether through the ambiance of a flickering fragrant candle creating a wonderful mood and tone, a soothing, relaxing soak in one of our divine bath milks or bath bombs letting the stress of the day be released, our lovely melts to add aroma with out a flame or our amazing NEW flame free option Divine Gemz  Crystal Potpourri that looks stunning and smells divine. We are all about wanting you to have an amazing atmosphere whether you are home or at the office.

I know that my sister Vicki is very proud of me for using my creativeness.

We hope you have enjoyed reading  about Divine Gemz and what is behind the product name. We try our very best to produce great  products, but also provide excellent customer service. Honesty is the best policy.

Divine Gemz loves to give back to our community so through out the year we like to donate to different causes or people in our community.  #divinegemzheavenculture

Thank you for taking the time to have a browse of our products, we hope you have fun shopping!

Rowena & Co